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When the electric gates buzz open, the Baroque facade of castle Dennenlohe, which has remained unchanged since 1734, greets its visitors.

The cavalry houses, gardens and the adjacent farm buildings date from the same period. High walls surround the castle grounds and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

The architect, not just for the castle but for the entire complex, was the Italian Leopold Retti, master builder at the court of the count of Ansbach and a master of German Baroque architecture. Famous castles in Ludwigsburg and Ansbach as well as the new castle in Stuttgart were also drafted on his drawing board.

He designed castle Dennenlohe for the diplomat Baron Eichler von Auritz. Since 1825 it has been in the possession of the Barons von Süsskind who have now lived in there for eight generations.

The castle is the home of the baronial family and their Airedale terriers. In July and August the bush-roses blossom in the circular flower bed edged with box.

 Johann Gottlieb Baron von Süsskind - was a successful banker from Augsburg.

Head of one of the most prosperous and influential families in Southern Germany, Baron Johann Gottlieb managed to combine global business relationships with his down-to-earth appreciation of country lifestyle.

 He bought a castle with farmland for each of his six children, enabling them to maintain a respectable social and financial status. Two of these castles are still owned by members of the Süsskind family.

 Baron Johann Gottlieb survived three wives. Only seven of his thirteen children reached adulthood.

Industrialist families forming bonds. - One of Baron Gottliebs grandsons married the granddaughter of Zacharias Plattner, the financier of the first German railway from Nuremberg to Fürth.

Andalusian in Dennenlohe

As Andalusians are commonly used to denote all horses bred in Spain other than ponies and draft horses. Strictly speaking, only the horses of the so-called "Pure Spanish Breed" (Pura Raza Española, briefly PRE).

With a medium-sized, compact and muscular body with harmonious topline the movements of Andalusian elegance and great jumping ability are marked. The noble, dry head has a straight or subkonvex profile, the neck is mounted strong and high, the back is rather short, the shoulder angle.

The Andalusian is a strong character horse of Iberian stamping, and shows a particular suitability for the "High School".

Since 2009 Jugador XIV has his  quarters based near the castle and in 2014 Fabuloso joined him!

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Airedale Terrier and Lakeland Terrier

6 dogs are currently living in Dennenlohe castle!

At Baroness Süsskind Engagement a Airedale Terrier was given as a present, Airedales are an indispensable part of Dennenlohe.

New since 2013 - a small, wild Lakeland Terrier named Bailey.

 More about Airedale Terriers can be obtained from: Club for Terriers


Castle Dennenlohe was built in 1734 with all its outbuildings and is considered one of the most beautiful baroque ensembles in Bavaria. The castle is surrounded by the largest park in southern Germany and Rhododendron by 25 hectares of landscaped gardens.

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