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Lucie Pückler in Dennenlohe

In 2018, Dennenlohe awarded the Lucie Pückler Award to female students and architects of landscape architecture for the first time.

Lucie von Pückler-Muskau (1776-1854), “the green princess”, lived atDennenlohe Castle for 15 years in the time she was married to Graf zu Pappenheim before she married her garden prince. In order to honor her insignificant contribution to the overall horticultural work of her husband Fürst Pückler, this award will be given since 2018 to German-speaking European landscapearchitects and landscape architecture students.

The extravagant dandy and the shy, still wife - these roles are assigned to the Pückler couple. 
He: handsome horticulturist, bestselling author and womanizer. 
She: nine years older, rather unattractive, allowed to look after his plantings and admire him from home while he discover the world.

But is this really true? Recent research and letters from Castle Branitz show that Lucie did realize her own garden ideas. We have taken this fact as an opportunity to offer an annual award in her honor.

Highlighting female gardening achievements in a male-dominated garden world was in former times - as it is today - an important role model for future generations. Lucie has influenced Hermann's creations in word, action and in details. But on a large scale, that there is a Branitz Pückler Park at all, is causally due to the princess.

The winning garden will be planted every year in a different german "Landesgartenschau".


Castle Dennenlohe was built in 1734 with all its outbuildings and is considered one of the most beautiful baroque ensembles in Bavaria. The castle is surrounded by the largest park in southern Germany and Rhododendron by 25 hectares of landscaped gardens.

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