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European Garden Book Award

Requirements for book submission:

In the premium award for the best European garden book, which is awarded by a European jury, also German publisher can present books that they print in license, submit or books that have been written by European authors.

Please submit 6 copies to the "European Garden Book Award in Castle Dennenlohe.

Please note:
From 2016 on we will charge for the first three places a staggered advertising expenses allowance of € 400 for the 1st place, € 300 for the 2nd place and 200 € for the 3rd place. With this grant we fund various community advertisements for the European Garden Book Award.

From the first Award winners we need 10 additional copies for subsequent public relations. The winning books should be sent within one week, after the ceremony, to us:

Castle Dennenlohe
Dennenlohe 1
91743 Unterschwaningen

The deadline for all books for the Award 2019 is the 25th of February.

The winners will be announced at the Soirée in Dennenlohe on the 15th of March in 2019


The Jury of the European Garden Book Award 2019:

  • Jens Huwald (CEO BayTM München)
  • Jens Spanjer (Foundation castle Dyck – center for gardenart & landscapeculture)
  • Aglaja von Rumohr, Staudengärtnerei Gräfin Zeppelin
  • Tyrone McGlinchey (Geschäftsführer Igpoty)
  • Robert Freiherr von Süsskind (Gardener)
  • Caroline Wöhrl (Germanistin)
  • Jochen Martz (Vizepräsident für Europa des ICOMOS-IFLA Komitee für Kulturlandschaften)


Castle Dennenlohe was built in 1734 with all its outbuildings and is considered one of the most beautiful baroque ensembles in Bavaria. The castle is surrounded by the largest park in southern Germany and Rhododendron by 25 hectares of landscaped gardens.

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