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The seminar and conference rooms in the palace complex and further the buildings are constructed for up to 200 participants. For smaller groups and overnight stays in the outbuildings of the castle can be arranged as a culmination of a successful event - several smaller halls make different workshops possible!

Upon request, our Marstall restaurant team can be availed at conferences, seminars or workshops for lunch and dinner.

Many companies take advantage of the versatile location in Dennenlohe - like, for example, Stihl, Financial Gates, Daimler & Chrysler AG, Toyota or Triumph had presentations and roadshows done!


Castle Dennenlohe was built in 1734 with all its outbuildings and is considered one of the most beautiful baroque ensembles in Bavaria. The castle is surrounded by the largest park in southern Germany and Rhododendron by 25 hectares of landscaped gardens.

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